Renewable Energy Can Save You More Than Money






Fight Against

Rising Utility Rates

Utility rates are rising every year….an investment in solar PV today will lock in your energy expenses for decades to come. With the tax credits currently available, many businesses see a payback of 3-5 years. Contact me for a free, comprehensive proposal for your business’s unique energy needs. Your proposal will include an evaluation of your current energy use profile, solar production and financial modeling and a preliminary PV array layout. There are many options for financing solar today from traditional solar loans, PACE funding or PPAs. I am happy to compare multiple options for you to evaluate. Stop throwing money away with the investor-owned utility month after month…Let’s go solar!

Energy Storage

Complete Energy Control

What is Demand Response? Today, lithium ion batteries can be paired with sophisticated, predictive software technology that will shave “peak demand” – the time of day unique to each business when energy is used the most and costs the most. Demand charges often make up 50% or more of a commercial building’s energy bill. A Solar PV + D/R Battery system is the way many high usage businesses are eliminating their utility bills. If your peak usage is after-hours when your solar PV system is not producing, energy stored in your D/R battery during the day can be deployed whenever programmed to. Prices are down, and paired with a PV system, qualify for additional tax credits.

Self-Generation is the Future of Business

Substantial Tax Credits

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

  • Receive a detailed pre and post solar utility consumption analysis
  • Tax Benefit and Financial Benefit analysis will show you the savings
  • Financing option assistance from multiple financiers with analysis
  • Engineering, permitting, and interconnection application
  • Final system commissioning and production monitoring

Utility Rates Are Scheduled To Increase Again. . .

Southern California utilities are raising rates a minimum of 10.6% in 2018.

Rate hikes like this are predicted to continue for the foreseeable future.

Protect your energy costs for decades to come by going solar now.

Every month you do not have solar is money wasted with the investor-owned utility.


Let’s Explore Your Renewable Energy Potential!

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